Nick Crowe


The digital work I undertake has an interest in the net as an agent
for cultural change – a point where pressures and difficulties can
accrue within a social situation. This is not only to do with the
way in which technology brings with it changes in the way people
work, shop, communicate etc but also the way in which it alters
fundamental things about the way we conceive the world itself.
Within the parameters of this investigation there are anthropological
and sociological issues of representation, selfhood and articulation.
But primarily there is the underlying issue of how new technology has
been adopted and adapted by those millions of individuals who are in
a state of near-constant engagement with its possibilities.


Nick Crowe has lived in Manchester since 1989. His work over the past five years has included video, performance, drawing and new media as well as making public sculpture and other non-gallery based projects. His recent work has focused on the internet and its position as agent of cultural change. Recent exhibitions include Ten Point Plan for a Better Helsinki KIASMA, Helsinki; Look and Feel at the Büro Friedrich, Berlin; Double Feature : Nick Crowe & Gary Hill at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and Short Stories at Fabbricca Del Vapore, Milan. Nick Crowe was also one of the organisers of the Manchester Pavilion at this years Venice Biennale. He is currently showing Nasdaq Landscape at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.