Paul Coldwell

Participant category:Exhibiting artist

Artwork:By This I Mean


By this I mean…. is a series of 9 digital prints made originally for a solo show at Arthouse Dublin. They are constructed images from a number of sources, made using PhotoShop. The work began with photographs taken in Brick Lane Market in the East End of London, in the part of the market where individuals sell their own few possessions. It struck me that these arrangements of objects were unconscious still lives and carried a sense of personal tragedy.

To reinforce this reading, I floated these images onto images of a sheet of glass in my studio, which I had photographed as I smashed it to suggest both a coldness and sense of fracture. I was aware how they had become aerial landscapes of abandoned objects.

In working these images I used a layer of half tone dots to not only reference press photographs but also to add a layer through which the image has to be read.


Paul Coldwell is Professor of Fine Art at the University of the Arts London, a position he has held since 2001. He has taught in many colleges both in UK and abroad including as visiting Professor at the University of Northampton (2006-09), visiting Professor at the Chinese University Hong Kong and Guest Artist at the Art Institute of Chicago in 2010 and Montclair University in 2012.

Colwell also featured in the third and final installment of Digital Aesthetic, in 2013.