Susan Collins

Participant category:Artist


Inhabited Text was an online text based chatspace which seeks to examine and question the recording of encounters with interactive works. It was originally developed as a (site specific, experiential, responsive) writing structure in order to contextualise and write about the artists work in a form and structure intended to reflect the nature of the work itself (site specific, experiential, responsive).
It then developed into a broader reflection on the nature of interactivity, the role of the viewer and the nature of the chatspace itself. It was a multi user environment and so any number of visitors can engage with the work at any given time.

Visitors to the chatspace encountered dr_susan – the artists online presence – who was available to answer any questions the visitor might have.


Susan Collins was born in London in 1964. Her works have ranged from computer imaging and animation, to interactive, internet and site specific installation including works for the Woolwich Foot Tunnel in London; The Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester; Train Stations across the UK and Europe as well as galleries including Tate Gallery St Ives, Laing Gallery, Newcastle, NAME Gallery, Chicago and Lux Gallery, London.
Online work includes Tumblong, a collaborative internet based cultural exchange project between the UK and Australia; In Conversation, a www/street/gallery public intervention shown in Brighton, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Cardiff and Berlin; and Cruisin a chatspace commissioned by e-2 for Containership.